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I find a good article in franchising business. And this article is related to healthcare. Here are also few articles regarding health care for your information. Focus on surgery nicheMarketing tips for podiatrist business.

Of all the goods and services offered by franchises–giant pretzels, pest control, elliptical trainers–the most important is probably the one that goes least noticed: healthcare. In fact, many patients have visited a healthcare franchise without even realising it. With the rising cost of healthcare and the millions of people expected to seek treatment under the Affordable Care Act, physicians, hospital systems and enterprising businesspeople have been searching for faster, more efficient and more affordable ways to deliver quality service. What they’ve found is that the franchise model can dispense routine medical care as efficiently as it delivers other products and services.

Mark Kirsch, a principal at the Washington, D.C., office of law firm Gray Plant Mooty, has helped several healthcare franchises navigate regulatory hoops in recent years. He believes there are numerous reasons for the gold rush in the sector, which includes franchised urgent-care centers, dental clinics, chiropractors, hearing-aid clinics, testing labs, billing services, massage clinics and other specialized concepts.

“There’s a real demand for high-quality, moderate-cost healthcare,” he explains. “Some people view things like teeth cleaning or regular checkups as a commodity, something routine that can be delivered with good quality at a good price, and more conveniently than the way they’re provided now.”

Another factor: The aging population of Baby Boomers is adding stress to the healthcare system and will take up a greater percentage of medical resources over the next few decades. That means the ability to serve more patients with fewer overhead costs will become a critical challenge for medical practitioners.

Tracy Weise–founder of Weise Communications, a Denver-based firm that provides marketing services to healthcare businesses, including franchises–agrees that learning to work with limited medical resources and a growing patient base is a major challenge. “If you look at the growing population and demographics, there aren’t enough physicians, period, to cover people who need healthcare,” she says. “There’s simply not enough financial motivation for young doctors to become primary-care physicians. The amount of hours they have to work and the time they spend with insurance companies means they’re not making money, and they’re not doing the job they want to do.”

Weise adds that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act doesn’t mean there will miraculously be enough doctors to look after everyone who’s eligible for coverage. “That’s why franchising as a healthcare model makes sense. It creates the systems and processes that take the headaches out of insurance and billing,” she explains. “It creates better access and greater access in a lot of different places. It takes all the best practices and implements them in a system to create the best delivery at the lowest cost in the most places.”
It was the lack of efficiency in the current system that drove Miami-based hand surgeon Alejandro Badia to develop OrthoNow, an urgent-care franchise that specializes in injuries like jammed fingers, sprained ankles and dislocated shoulders. The company expects to open as many as 30 centers across the U.S. this year.

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Marketing Tips for Podiatrist Business

If you are looking for a new method of marketing tips, for a local podiatrist business or local healthcare marketing, here are few best tips for marketing purpose.

Marketing and advertising with modern day has undoubtedly transformed. While technology becomes an increasing number of superior, online marketers should proceed while using times so that you can build productive effects with regards to businesses and organisations.

This is one of the opportunity that healthcare business or local healthcare business such as Optometrist, Podiatrist, Dermatologist and others to take a look at. As the newer generation day-to-day lives in the earth which is a great deal more scientifically advanced than any other time, advertising firms should know how it really is of which millennials consume information along with tend to find out about health care. If you are ready to get started advertising and marketing towards more radiant age group pertaining to the first time, these few tips will help to grow your business and easier to reach your customer.

What is your customer want?

What kind of services that your customer want?
What is their main concern regarding health care?
What is their budget in healthcare?
How deep their knowledge in healthcare?

By answering all those question, you will have an upper hand in your marketing campaign.

Medium to use to target your potential customer

What is the best medium to use to target your potential customer? This is so important to grow your business and to focus. You need to realise whenever going into healthcare advertising and marketing, people need to understand information about healthcare. They often consider fresh types of verbal exchanges such as social networking. Spots just like Zynga, Twitter, and also Google+ are the best place to target your potential customer. In addition to social websites, they also work with person to person to find out concerning significant concerns.

Pick your focus, using Search Engine Optimization is also one of the best method to look for a customer. For example, when someone type, Podiatrist Edmonton, Podiatrist Calgary or even Podiatrist Lethbridge area, if your website appear higher in search engine, more customer will call your business and more customer for your business.

Target User With Smartphone

Consequently many people uncover their data online more than others. As people become more wiser and many of them using smartphone, it is easier for them using google to search something. Target all of these people using smartphone and it will help in your marketing campaign.

Tips No 1 : Focus on surgery niche

As for doctors to survive in challenging business ahead of time, focus in a certain niche is important. By focusing on a lucrative surgery, a doctor can profit more and be able to exist and compete with the other niche.

Lucrative surgery niche?

What is a niche that is a lucrative for a doctor?

A surgery niche is one of the lucrative and as an example, a doctor can easily charge $4000 for a plastic surgery or $2000 for a one eye lasik surgery. Just focus on that niche and a doctor can stay competitive and earn a good amount of money. A specialist doctor is valuable and can earn a good amount of money and maybe that is the reasons why a doctor want to open a business on their own.

Eye related surgery.

Lasik eye surgery is a kind of surgery that can help those with glasses with a better sight. To do that, small surgery in the eye done by an optometrist is important.

Next is Blepharoplasty surgery which is related to the eyelid. It’s focus is correcting defect, reconstructive and many more.

Foot surgery

Most common foot surgery done by a foot specialist or podiatrist. For example Podiatrist In Lethbridge area or any others local podiatrist will do. Their types of services vary and most popular one is bunion surgery. Others related to a foot surgery such as ingrown toenail, hammertoes and others.

Where to get treatment?

Visit local podiatrist for example Bunion Surgery treatment from Edmonton Podiatrist or Bunion surgery treatment from Podiatrist in Calgary. These two are the perfect example of how to get treated and who to consult when you have one of these.

Marketing team and marketing strategy is essential

Marketing strategy is essential for a doctors to go forward in becoming and conquering a certain market. Marketing can help business owner in a way that more and more customer will come. Without a proper marketing, it is hard to stay competitive even for a high IQ person like doctors. Because entrepreneur is totally different world.

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Success Stories : Doctors as entrepreneur

A doctor really can become a businessman or an entrepreneur. I did wrote a good post about it in here: doctor as entrepreneur

But today is more on a success story, many people disbelieve that is really a doctor can become a good entrepreneur? Most argument is, doctors already receive a good paycheck every month, why bother becoming an entrepreneur!

There is no right and wrong answer this time, many reasons people resign such as wanting to have their own freedom and time, or want to take new challenge. Many reasons people resign from work including those that have a good salary like doctors!

Dr. Jordan Shlain, a full-time primary care physician, didn’t expect to become an entrepreneur. His software program, HealthLoop, was born of “innovation by irritation,” he said. After a patient with pneumonia ended up in the hospital, despite being given the doctor’s cell phone number to follow up, Shlain was inspired to find a better way to keep track of patients.

What started as Shlain’s personalized spreadsheet of patients to call for follow-ups has become a HIPAA-compliant software program. HealthLoop lets doctors send patients automated follow-up emails with questions ranging from the general (How do you feel today compared to yesterday?) to the specific (Are you able to walk up stairs?). “We’re empowering physicians to communicate directly with their patients,” Shlain said. In an interview, he shared tips for aspiring “doctorpreneurs.”

Make smart deals from the start – Shlain teamed up with a developer to transform HealthLoop from a spreadsheet into software. Instead of paying the developer, Shlain offered him a big chunk of equity in the company. “That’ll cause you all sorts of problems down the road,” he said. Later, Shlain had to renegotiate with the developer. “There are people involved and people have feelings,” he said.

Protect yourself and your company – To the extent you can, Shlain said, get non-disclosures and non-competes done upfront and out of the way. Be unapologetic, he said, and remember that if someone doesn’t sign it, you don’t have to work together. Otherwise, Shlain said, spell out your idea on paper and get an IP lawyer to run it up the flagpole.

Have skin in the game – Shlain consistently put money into HealthLoop alongside his investors. “I always put something in to show them that I’m serious about this,” he said. Even if it’s just $1,000, Shlain said other entrepreneurs should do the same. “Very few people do that,” he said. “You’re going to get respect like you never knew.”

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Doctors as entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is one of the challenging and exciting career of all time. A lot of skill need to be considered when one decided to become an entrepreneur. Even for a doctor or a specialised doctor such as a foot doctor need to consider many things before opening a new clinic. Only the more prepared doctors are able to success in the future.

Open a clinic as soon as possible

If you are on the verge of take some risk and opening a business or clinic, preferably currently you would have previously done a number of investigation. You’ll need just enough study to understand where do you start because because it will help you and your business grow in a long term. You have to be happy to spend some dollars to do precisely what is needed to help to make your company the best in entire neighbours. Having a clear mission and vision will help you company or your clinic grow their business and being the no 1 in the neighbourhood. Clear mission such as “the no 1 Podiatrist-Specialist Edmonton or Podiatrist-Specialist Calgary” will help you company better in term direction to move forward.

This is simply not difficult if you’re working with an online business, instead of some sort of retail store business. Store related companies are more challenging mainly because will probably be more challenging for almost any home based business to help disturb the area companies who’re your competitors with regard to whatever you are providing your clients.

Another type of business is a service type of business such as opening and providing a service such as dentist, optometrist, neurologist and more. This type of business, a person need to have a strong brand and provide better care to patients. This will help build your company name in the long run.

Not only that, for a service type business, a strong marketing team or marketing strategy is essential to a successful business in the future to come. Next I will discuss marketing team and strategy to focus in the long run.

How to start a medical business

How to start a medical business is a serious issue and would like to reconsider many things in advance. After being employed with a good salary, for a change of career from employee to a self employed is a shift in business mind. All new world is waiting for a doctor to become an the so called entrepreneur.

Being a business owner, someone, not only a doctor need to aware of many things such as marketing, human resource, accounting, tools and others. This particular doctor need to handle this and need a better way to do all this in order to grow their business successfully to the next level.

Do not forget about the competition that a doctor will face in the neighbourhood. For example, a podiatrist need to compete with fellow podiatrist and an optometrist also need to compete among them. Only the best will stay in the business because of the competition.

Therefore here are few tips regarding how to become a podiatrist business in the future.

Best concept and be different

Let me give you, you must have a perception. This should end up being something you adore accomplishing, one thing you might be enthusiastic about. Nonetheless, you must also possibly be good about your services and provide different and unique concept in your business. Come up and hire the best team for your business, it is essential for you to grow your business in the future. If you have the best marketing team, accounting, assistant, it will help your business to grow in the future.

Clear Business Plan

You will need to include the strategies ahead of time. Bear in mind you must require a strong company plan for you to approach to a potential customer.Your company may be the very best place that you should start in figuring out your own price procedures.

This will likely summarise as well as be useful for finding out the amount of cash is required that you develop the merchandise or even products and services you that will provide. Your company program might include manufacturing prices, worker’s paycheque, work environment price and others

A business person also need to have a good understanding regarding their operation, given that you will have to understand your business in order to stay in business.

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Many things we can learn from all of these stories and hope we can apply in the real world of business. All of these is important if we want to be a successful person. These story is a good story and I personally think, when they are able to do it, you also can do it, with better strategy of course.

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